Presentation of the city of Marseille

Hi everybody !

 I decided to do a blog which speaks about Marseille, the city where I was born. Currently, we hear a lot of things about violence and insecurity, making Marseille look like a dangerous place to live in. However,  we don’t speak much about the tourism which is increasing thanks to the status “European Capital of culture”. I am going to convince you that Marseille is a beautiful city where the violence is not as present as it seems.

I will publish every week an article about a monument, a district, a museum, a creek or a saturday night fever…

Don’t forget to give your impressions ! 🙂


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53 Responses to Presentation of the city of Marseille

  1. Ulysse says:

    Great idea!!! I was in Marseille last summer and I very enjoyed it!
    I’m looking forward to reading your articles! So excited!! ; )

  2. Dan says:

    I was born in Marseille too. It’s true, Marseille is a nice place and not only a dangerous city.
    Bye !

  3. souf says:

    Good Idea buddy. If you pay the ticket, I’m in to visit the city, drink and go back to the civilisation in Paris then 😉 Keep going Bro 😉

  4. titi says:

    Good idea marseille is a beautiful city. you can also write article about the different exhibition.

  5. bibibulle says:

    I’m waiting the first article !! So excited

  6. cricri says:

    I think is a very good idea to speak about all events around Marseille 2013 capital of culture.
    Events are not always only link around Marseille 2013 and many manifestation like international fair of Marseille are every years.In conclusion continue to speak about this city where the sunshin is around all the city.

  7. bébou says:

    I went in this wonderful city few times ago and it’s always a pleasure to visit it, especially this new place called “MuCEM” 😉 Keep going !

  8. Excellent idea, I looking forward your first post

  9. Elisa says:

    Nice initiative ! I’m not from Marseille but I find it beautiful. It’s a shame people only hear about it through TV news and think it’s hell.

  10. Al says:

    Hello Nico. I am Al Gun from alta data technology. Good Job with Arinc 429 board!
    See you soon.

  11. Tonio says:

    good job man.
    hope to see u soon.

  12. romain says:

    Very good initiative Nicolas.
    That will silence certain gossips on Marseille.
    Haste of lira your next article on our so beautiful city.

  13. Kevin says:

    It’s a great idea.There are many monuments that people can visit in Marseille. I’m living to Marseille and this sun !! I’m waiting your articles!

  14. :) says:

    Nice blog ! May be you could tell us more about “Sormiou” in order to convince everybody.
    See you at work dude.

  15. vial says:

    Thank you nicolas for your explication of Marseille. Your movie this betifull. Good job.
    Ps:whan you host me for visit marseille?

  16. FannyLila says:

    Definetly on my to-do list next summer 😉

  17. izby02 says:

    Hi colleague, You’re right we used to hear about a lot bad thing about Marseille ; It will be interesting to show us the other face 😉 …

  18. Lancelot says:

    I live in Marseille and i approve what you’re talked about. Marseille is a safe place and one of the more beautiful city in France.
    Good job Nicolas, see you next time.

  19. aguerder says:

    Son, I hope you will give me a nice post about LE MISTRAL 😉

  20. abdoulayesy says:

    Marseille !!
    This town reminds me my country with its sunshine in most of the time, the sea
    abd a remarkable melting pot .
    The only negative thing I see is kalachnikov (lol)!!!!!!!!!

  21. ppsliz says:

    It’s great that you have so many followers and you have a definite objective to convince everyone about the positive side of Marseille. Keep up the good work

  22. ppsliz says:

    🙂 Marseille sunshine

  23. Hi Nicolas !
    I have never visited this city ! I hope one day, I could take advantage of this place !
    Can you advise me some addresses or unmissable places ?
    Regards !

  24. Azn says:

    marseille is very beautiful !
    good video and good job !

  25. Amandine&Morgan says:

    Nice blog! You’re alright, Marseille is a beautiful city, with the creeks, the “vieux port”, the Mucem and the SUN … So much things to see in this city!!

  26. Ju says:

    Keep going ! Nice job !
    Marseille is a wonderful city ! 😉

  27. Bambino says:

    I miss this city, my hometown… Miss my family, my friends, and this spirit, that you never can find somewhere else. Thanks to remember me how this city is amazing !
    Goof job 😉

  28. jean-pierre says:

    Bravo pour ce blog sur l’emblématique “Bonne Mère” et la ville à ses pieds. Cela donne envie d’y remonter faire un tour surtout après sa restauration récente. Commentaire vivant et efficace avec un peu d’humour et de belles images, inédites pour moi avec la vidéo-drone.

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