Basilica Notre Dame de la Garde

As promised, you will read my first article. At first, I decided to speak about the basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, nicknamed “Bonne mère”. In my opinion, it’s an iconic figure of the city of Marseille.

The basilica is situated in Marseille, between districts of “Roucas Blanc”, “Endoume” and “Vauban”. (Don’t worry; I will talk about these districts a next time in my blog). The basilica is located on “la colline de la Garde” which peaks in 154m. We say that the basilica stays up all the inhabitants of Marseille. This monument  was built on foundations of a former fort. The basilica is composed of two parts: First of all, a low church of Romanic type and above this part, there is a high church of Romano-Byzantine style decorated with mosaics.  At the top of a bell tower of 41 meters (135ft), overcome by a tour of 12.5 meters (42ft) which serves as base, a monumental statue of 11.2m (27ft) which represent “la vierge à l’enfant”. This statue was built with copper and covered with golden sheets.

The basilica Notre Dame de la Garde proposes to visitors a wonderful and unique point of view of the city. From this point of view, you can see the “Vieux Port”, “Le Panier” one of Marseille’s districts, two famous islands called “Frioul” and “IF”, the north of Marseille, the district of the beach and the hills which turn around the city.

For the followers of speaking of Marseille: Two expressions are employed with “Bonne mère”.

  • For all uses like: « Oh Bonne Mère, j’ai gagné au loto ! »
  • To see the « bonne mère » through something (or somebody), means that this thing (or person) is particularly fine: “Cette tranche de jambon, té, on y voit la Bonne Mère à travers”



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28 Responses to Basilica Notre Dame de la Garde

  1. Elisa says:

    Marseille is so beautiful from up there !

  2. Estrade Christian says:

    For all people from Marseille it is a big honor to see, to read article,document about our city.For sure in particular when the document describe an emblamatic monument like “La bonne mère”Fantastic and the video confirm our love for this beauitiful town.Many thanks and continue to make dream!

  3. lucievaslin says:

    Marseille is a beautiful city. The cathedral is amazing, I have visited 3 times. I never much liked the city of my life.

    The soap smells good there. this is a great advantage because in Paris it does not smell good.

    • It’s a pleasure to have a comment of you lucie 🙂 But i’m so sorry to say you that the cathedral is not this monument lol It’s the basilica 🙂 I agree with you because when i come back in Marseille sometimes, i have the impression to breathe ! 😀

  4. kevindesbois says:

    Good topic! I’ve never seen the “good mother” as nearly 🙂

    You will have to do a lot of posts on the monuments of Marseille because there are a lot of beautiful things to see!
    I look forward to reading your future post especially if you talk about “the canebière”.

    Good luck nico

  5. Hi kevin ! I will talk about “the canebière” but although it’s an iconic avenue of Marseille, i don’t like the quarter where “la canebière” is implanted… Thank you for your com and see you soon 🙂

  6. Francky d'Aubagne says:

    Hi Nicolas,
    it couldn’t have any more great tribute of this big and beautiful Marseille. To see the “bonne mère” like this fills us with emotion. Thank you for this moment of happiness.
    Francky d’Aubagne

  7. Souf says:

    Do you plan to do your wedding here :p ahahah 😉 Waiting for the next article bro 🙂

  8. Fanny says:

    I love this video and the photo ! Good choice !

  9. el titi says:

    I love your choice for your first article notre dame de la garde is the first and the beautiful site of sightseeing and your video highlight this monument good job bro

  10. romain says:

    Very good article!
    This one tempts to visit her.
    See you soon for the next article
    All the best

  11. bébou says:

    I’ve been there on the evening it was really nice ! Hope that the next time when I will come back in Marseille I will go back there during the day ! Can’t wait your next post, see you !

  12. Henry says:

    Such a beautiful sky and a wonderful city !! South of France is the perfect place to settle down and chill the fuck out. I LOOOVE IT! More articles to come I hope… Thks for the video. Best, H.

  13. aguerder says:

    Ah ah ah I love your example about use to “Bonne mère” in different situations

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