The “Vieux port”

Hi everyone,

Today, I decided to speak about « Le vieux port » of Marseille, which is a mythic place and a real symbol of the city. It’s also a meeting point of different events such as concert, sporting event or fish market and so on…

Marseille was built around this port. The city hall is in the middle of the north platform of the port. This building has a special characteristic. To join the first floor there is no stairs, therefore you have to use another building to join this one. Close to the city hall, you can cross over the port in his width with the “ferry-boat”. Today, it is composed of solar panel to run on. It’s the shortest naval connection of the world: 928 ft. The port is the older port of Marseille and his entrance is composed of two beautiful forts. The “Saint-Jean” fort located in the north and the “Saint-Nicolas” fort located in the south. Close to the last one, there is a park called “Le parc du pharo” where you have a beautiful point of view of the port. You can also see the “Cannebière”, an avenue which is very known. I will speak about it in next articles. To go in different creeks and islands such Frioul or “Chateau d’if” you can use shuttles who left the “Vieux-port”.

Since the moment where the city has the “European Capital of culture”’s status, a lot of modifications were done. The public transport has a bigger space to move. There is a large pedestrian place and the circulation of cars was modified. Just a step from the departure of the Frioul island, there is a work of art called “l’ombrière” which is a steel plate with a surface area of 3543.

For the followers of speaking of Marseille:Two expressions with “caguer”

  • “Tu m’as cagué!” means that you was afraid
  • “Ce projet, moi je m’en cague” means that you don’t care about project


In this video, you can see all modifiations was done in the port:

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22 Responses to The “Vieux port”

  1. Poutrozaure says:

    Some friend of mine told me the story of the sardine that blocked the port, do you know it ?

  2. Luke says:

    Seems like a beautiful place full of history, perhaps i’ll stop by some time 🙂

  3. Loic says:

    Nice job Nico. I m really interested in the story of Marseille cause I m going to have a week end overthere in a few times. See you on tuesday.

  4. bébou says:

    It’s always a pleasure to read good things about Marseille, moreover there is a plenty of things to say !!
    But, just one question, when you say “This building has a special characteristic”, in fact if the building has a characteristic it means that it’s already special right ? 😉

  5. NeuNeu says:

    Very good article about this Port. But I have a question. Do you use the word “caguer”, in your sentence, like “shtroumpher” from shtroumph people???

  6. HappyMan says:

    Hi Nicolas ! It is always funny to learn expressions from various French dialects.
    Thank you for your article. I’have never been in Marseille but I’ve got the impression that the “Vieux Port” represents the heart of the city! Do you happen to go out there with your friends at night to have a drink?

  7. Estrade Christian says:

    One more time a big pleasure to read some information about Marseille. The old port is more than a symbol, it is the place to meet,,to discuss or simply walk and dream. After all big event Marseillais people could meet until the end of the night in good ambiance.Thanks for your idea to give information by thema on monument and special language of this curious word. Good search and good presentation. Video is the cherry on the cake. Wonderful. Many thanks…

  8. aguerder says:

    We learn something everyday about marseille.
    When are you talking about nightclub ? 😉

  9. romain says:

    The old harbor became one of the most beautiful squares since the works which were made.

    Thanks to this change, the old harbor welcomes artist and television.

    Very good article Nicolas


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