“Sormiou”‘s creek

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m going to speak about « Sormiou »’s creek which is the widest of Marseille. There is a port, a sandy beach with small houses behind it and a restaurant in height. It is a site where you can make some climbing and snorkeling. The creek is framed by two peninsulas: In the southwest by the crest of “Sormiou”, and in the northeast by the crest of “Morgiou”, which separates it from the creek of “Morgiou”. “Sormiou” is one of the most known creeks and you can access it by a small road which is situated in the “Baumettes” quarter.

You can access it with your car except during the summertime but it’s allowed for the local residents all year. If you are a tourist, you can reach feet there (it take about 40 mins). The difficulty is to walk to the “Col de Sormiou” where you can appreciate a very good point of view (Picture). Once you passed the “col” it is easy to join the beach. As can you see on the picture, the water of creeks is very clear, it’s beautiful!

You can also go hiking and for example go to the prehistoric cave “Cosquer” which is unique. This submarine cave has several painted and engraved works approximately 27 000 and 19 000 years ago. You can also do a new activity called “Paddle Board” which consists using a specific board designed to row and move on the sea by using arms.

You can visit the “Sormiou”‘s creek with a boat which leaves the “Vieux-Port” and courses the various creek of Marseille.

For the followers of speaking of Marseille: Two expressions with “Degun”

  •  « Hier soir on est allé au cinéma, y’avait degun… » means that there was nobody in the cinema.
  • « A Marseille, on craint degun ! » means that you are afraid of nobody.




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15 Responses to “Sormiou”‘s creek

  1. Elisa says:

    I think I actually saw this one. Beautiful !!!

  2. Tylor says:

    Thanks for the discovery, great stuff again. I wish it was not already winter…

  3. lucievaslin says:

    It’s very beautiful, amazing !!

  4. romain says:

    Very beautiful display of the creeks of sormiou.
    It is certainly the most attractive creek of Marseille even if it is to set it of the city.
    It is less visited by the tourists than that of luminy (who offers a view on all Marseille) because it is smaller and offers month of place to make a long ride.
    But it is more estimated Marseille because it stays in us and in the abrit of the curious foreigners.

    Good Nicolas

  5. arzuaslan says:

    Hello Nicolas,
    Sormiou’s creek look very romantic place. It seems that no more tourist know this place so someone can visit this creek very peacefully. Thank you for your suggest.

  6. bébou says:

    What a wonderful and romantic place to be ! Next summer I would like to go back there 🙂

  7. el-titi says:

    Big place of sightseeing of Marseille very beautiful thank bro for this article

  8. aguerder says:


    About the new velodrome stadium :
    It’s very beautiful, have you ever been in the velodrome ? for looking football match.


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