« Sugiton’s creek »

Hi everbody,

Today, I’m going to speak about Sugiton’s creek which is the next creek after Sormiou’s creek. It’s near the university site of Luminy. The creek of Sugiton is a part of the district of Redon. It’s composed of two little creeks and they have both a small shingle beach:

First creek

first crique

Second creek:

scnd creek


In front of them there is an island called “torpilleur” because it looks like a military boat:



Sugiton have very beautiful surroundings with high cliffs. Near to the creek, there is a beach at the bottom of big cliffs. It was appreciate by the naturists but since a tragic accident, the access is forbidden:



To join this creek, you need to go on the 559 “Departementale”’’s road at the bottom of “Col de la Gineste” in the direction of the university site of Luminy. Over there you can enjoy of a big parking and a fountain. The way is a rise up to the collar (it takes about 20mins). On the right, a belvedere which is in 500 meters.You have a point of view on the creek of Morgiou. Otherwise you can follow the road which leads down until Sugiton. (it takes about 30mins) It is small but there is not much people. It is really my favorite creek because it’s far away and the water of the sea is very clean.

For the followers of speaking of Marseille: Expression with “Empégué”

  • “Oh le fils, je suis empégué oooh…” means that you are drunk


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16 Responses to « Sugiton’s creek »

  1. romain says:

    Great for a ride and it offers one very beautiful view on all Marseille.
    Very well Nicolas

  2. Elisa says:

    Beautiful, as is the rest of the region.

  3. Souf says:

    That’s the South that I would like to visit, by watching these pictures, I have in mind the south of Pagnol and other authors. By the way, when will be the next time to be “empégué”? 🙂

  4. lucievaslin says:

    It’s very fantastic. it makes you want to be in the summer and holidays !!

  5. lucievaslin says:

    It’s too good, it gives really want to be in the summer and holiday … I miss it!

  6. LOL Soon bro soon 🙂 But at the moment, a lot of Work … 😦

  7. maelysrobert says:

    Wouahhhhoww !!
    This is so beautiful !!
    I am in love !
    I want to go Now lol besides It is so cold here.
    My boyfriend talked to me about it and he didn’t remerber where and the name of this creek.
    thank you 😀 ❤

  8. fguenver says:

    Hi Nicolas,
    Your blog is very interesting and shows us places Marseille or its surroundings that we do not see on TV. In the reports are often wrong side of Marseille that we see.

  9. loickpsud says:

    I never gone to Marseille but it looks like a really nice and beautiful to visit or spend some time for holidays. Thanks for sharing some point of views of those places.

  10. aguerder says:

    Ohh beautiful creek !!! I think it’s cool for diving ! what do you think about it?


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