« Frioul’s Archipelago »

Hi everybody, today, I’m going to speak about Frioul’s Archipelago which is a group of Islands situated at 4kms from Marseille. Islands belong to one of 111 districts of Marseille. They are connected with the 7th district. The Archipelago is composed of 4 islands:

  • “Pomègues” in the South



  • “Ratonneau” in the North: The Caroline hospital was built on the island of Ratonneau. The aim of this hospital was to welcome the travelers arriving on Marseille. They were quarantined during suspicions of yellow fever. Today, it’s in restoration. The Caroline hospital welcomes diverse animations.



Island “Pomègues” and “Ratonneau” is connected by the dyke “Berry”.


  • “If” in the East of both main islands where is built the old prison of the “If” castle. This fortress would have sheltered Edmond Dantès. He is the imaginary hero of the novel “Le Comte de Monte Cristo” of Alexandre Dumas.



  • “Tiboulen du frioul” (Small Island)



On the Frioul archipelado, you can find a marina of more than 600 places. There are constructions of the 1970s, with shops all around the port and houses.  Approximately hundred inhabitants live in the year on these islands, children, adults or retired people. There are also sailors who live on their boats. The Frioul have also a holiday centre “Léo Lagrange “, a fire station and an organic fish farm.

port du frioul


Public services are not really present: Absence of Police, School and Doctor… The inhabitants have to go daily in Marseille for these needs. Because of it, the inhabitants have a little dislike compared to the city of Marseille.

For the followers of speaking of Marseille: Expression with “Tarpin”

“Je suis allé voir Gravity au cinema, c’était tarpin bien !” means that the film was fun.

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3 Responses to « Frioul’s Archipelago »

  1. aguerder says:

    Hi son,
    beautiful views 🙂
    Someone lives in the island Ratonneau ?

  2. Elisa says:

    These are so pretty.

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