« IF’s Castle »

Hi everybody!! Today, I’m going to speak about IF’s Castle. This castle is located on an island next to others islands which form Frioul’s Archipelago. I spoke quickly about this island in the previous article.

chateau d'if

It is a square construction which measure 28 metres on each side. There are three floors with three towers.  The rest of the island contains fortifications like high ramparts and platforms for artillery. It especially served as prison but now it is an historic Monument of Marseille that we can visit.


This Castle would have sheltered Edmond Dantès. He is the imaginary hero of the novel “Le Comte de Monte Cristo” of Alexandre Dumas. It’s the most visited site of Marseille. It was classified as “Historic Monument” on July 7th, 1926. The first prisoners of the If’s Castle are locked in November, 1540. It was two fishermen from Marseille. Poor people were accommodated in the ground floor and the rich prisoners could rent a room on the first floor if they wanted.


After your visit, you can have a break and a coffee or a Pastis in the bar of IF’s Castle. You can appreciate a very good point of view:



For the followers of speaking of Marseille:

  • Expression with “Caner”

“Hey Camille j’ai fait trop de sport aujourd’hui, je suis cané…” means that you are tired.

  • Expression with “Chapacan”

« Oh tu es vraiment habillé comme un chapacan » means that you arebadly dressed.


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4 Responses to « IF’s Castle »

  1. aguerder says:

    Hi son,

    I’m cané to.
    you say that the castle has mainly served in prison. Famous detainees have frequented, or even are dead?

  2. Hi son,
    Yes but i don’t know if you know Famous detainees like “Mirabeau” count, “Genéral Bertrand” or Louis Auguste Blanqui?

  3. Elisa says:

    Didn’t know the expression “chapacan”, I love it !

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