“La Salette”’s Golf

Hi Everybody!

Today, I’m going to speak about “La Salette”’s Golf which is the place where I used to play Golf when I was in Marseille. Golf was my favorite sport. I practiced it with some members of my family such as my brothers, grandfather and uncles. I made individual competitions but not very much because I preferred to play without pressure.

“La Salette”’s Golf is located in the 11th district of Marseille. (10 mins of the “Vieux Port” and less than 30 mins of the TGV station and the airport). The golf possesses a course of 18 holes. It is drawn in a Provençal garden and offers spectacular views on the massif of Garlaban and the city of Marseille.



Practice, putting green and compact course allow all to train and to learn about the golf in the best conditions. On this picture, the practice:



To make the course, you can take a golf buggy or make it on foot (in 5 hours):



To improve your Golf level, you can take some lessons with one of four teacher of La Salette: Dominique Ménard, Bruno Cloutrier, Olivier Fritz and Rudy Lucas. For me, the best teacher is Rudy (if you want take lessons when you come in Marseille).

After a course or training, you can have a coffee or cocktail on the terrace of the golf:



For the followers of speaking of Marseille:

  • ·         Expression with “pèguer”:

“J’ai les mains qui pèguent” means that your hands stick

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4 Responses to “La Salette”’s Golf

  1. rnishanthan says:

    Amazing ! I like to see Golf on television. They are so accurate with their golf club ! I hope to go in Marseille soon. And maybe you could teach me to play golf in “La Salette”’s Golf 😉

  2. Elisa says:

    Playing Golf in Marseille …. you lucky guys.

  3. Seems very fun :).
    What is the distance of the course ?

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