The « Stade Vélodrome » (1)

Hi everyone!

I decided to consecrate several articles on the story of the “Stade Vélodrome”. That’s why during three next weeks, I will publish an article on each period of the story of the stadium.

Today, I will speak about the creation of the “Stade Vélodrome” which is the biggest stadium of Marseille where players of OM (Olympique de Marseille) play football. This stadium is a sport place which is built in the 8th district of the city. Since its inauguration in 1937, there was a lot of change.

On June 13th, 1937 (Inauguration):

stade 1937


There is an initial capacity of 35 000 places (12000 coverings). It’s a cinder track for events of athletics or cycling. The stadium belongs to the municipality. Then the stadium is rent to the “Olympique de Marseille” which is a club of football. The “stade Vélodrome” is a general-prupose stadium too. The spectators of the 30s will so assist in particular an American football match, games of tennis or field hockey before the world cup of football. During the Second World War, sporting events continue: races of greyhounds, motorcycle, competition of “Pétanque”, bowing matches handball in eleven and even ice dancing.

For the followers of speaking of Marseille:

  • ·         Expression with “boucan”:

“c’est vraiment un boucan ta femme” means that his wife is difficult to live

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