The « Stade Vélodrome » (2)

Hi everyone,

Today, I will speak about the continuation of the story of the “Stade Vélodrome”.

After the Second World War, the “Olympique de Marseille” shares the stadium with the club of rugby “Marseille XIII Rugby League”. The rugby in XV comes only very late to the stadium. Seven matches of the edition 2007 of the Rugby World Cup in XV happen in the “Stade Vélodrome”. It’s regularly the theater of the semi-finals of the “Top 14” and big match of the RC Toulon.

Since the 80s, the “Stade Vélodrome” is also used as space of outdoor concerts with the coming in particular Pink Floyd (1989), Rolling Stones (on 1990, 2003), U2 (1993) or Police (2008).

The soccer rests however the discipline which will have built, largely, the legend of the “Stade Vélodrome”. In December, 1997, the stadium is renovated for the World Cup of soccer 1998:

stade 1998


The stadium contains 60 000 places. It’s the second biggest stadium of France after the “Stade de France” in Paris. Seven matches of the event (World Cup 1998) take place. The French team plays it its first match of the competition on June 12th, 1998, against South Africa.

But for the inhabitants of Marseille, it is doubtess the “Olympique de Marseille” which wrote the story of the stadium with the conquest of 9 titles of “Champion de France”, 10 French cups, 1 league Cup and the “Grail” of the discipline, the Europe Cup of clubs champions, in 1993, under the era of Papin, Barthez, Boli, Di meco, Desailly or others Deschamps.

For the followers of speaking of Marseille:

  • ·         Expression with “cacou”:

“Arrêtes de faire le cacou” means that “Stopped making the boaster”

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2 Responses to The « Stade Vélodrome » (2)

  1. ppsliz says:

    I love learning how to speak Marseille language , but I think there’s a problem with this translation. Arrêtes de faire le cacou” means that “Stopped making the boaster”????? Doesn’t it just mean stop boasting or stop showing off?

  2. Yes, sorry for my translation ! It just mean stop boasting 🙂

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