The « Stade Vélodrome » (3)

Hi everyone,

Today, I will speak about the suite of the story of the “Stade Vélodrome”.

Four stands of the “Stade Vélodrome” called name of famous inhabitants of Marseille: The athlete Jean Bouin, the cyclist Gustave Ganay, the boxer Raymond grassi (bend the north) and the alderman Nicolas Roze says the Knight Roze (bend the south).

The stand of the bend the North will be renamed stand Patrice de Peretti, in homage to this charismatic supporter, disappeared in 2000. This stadium has two defects. The absence of cover exhibit the stadium to 4 winds and 3 stands on 4 are face to face of the bad weather. The loss acoustic damage the atmosphere.

The perspective of the Euro 2016 is the opportunity to correct these defects by covering the stadium:

stade-interieur 2016


The new stadium is under construction. It will welcome 7000 places more. It will be ended in June, 2014.

For the followers of speaking of Marseille:

  • ·         Expression with “chaler”:

“Viens je te chale sur mon vélo” means that you want to transport people on your bycicle.

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3 Responses to The « Stade Vélodrome » (3)

  1. radouaney says:

    Very nice article.
    As you rightly said, the failure of this stadium is the absence of cover. Was seen this weekend with the cancellation of the match Marseille Valenciennes.

  2. fguenver says:

    Hi, when I went to Marseille I was visiting the Velodrome stadium. It is a beautiful stadium and the work will be even more beautiful. Will you often see games at the velodrome?

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