The « Palais Longchamp »

Hi Everyone !

Today, I’m going to talk about a place very known in Marseille: The “Palais ongchamp” which is situated in the “Cinq avenues”’s district.

palais longchamp

It is composed of three parts:

  • A water tower in the center

chateau d'eau

  • The “Beaux-arts” Museum

musée beaux arts

  • The Natural history museum

musée histoire naturel

The Palace (inaugurated in 1869) was built to be the destination of Durance’s waters which is a river of the south-east of France. The river was transport here to supply the city of Marseille which had water’s problem.

Behind the palace, there is the Longchamp’s Park with his botanical garden and his zoological garden where there is no animal since the end of 1980s. Today, the site is essentially appreciated by the inhabitants of Marseille as the place of walk and relaxation:

parc longchamp

For the followers of speaking of Marseille:

  • Expression with “serpillère ”:

« Oh Jeanine tu peux passer la serpillère dans ma chambre » means  you want that Jeanine clean your bedroom

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2 Responses to The « Palais Longchamp »

  1. Hi Nicolas! Have you already visited the natural history museum?

  2. Hi emilie ! Yes the history museum is just beautiful 🙂 You should come to see it !

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