Sea rowing

Hi Everyone !

Today, I’m going to talk about a sport which is practiced at sea and in Marseille: At “Méditerrannée” sea. It’s is a sport which is common in the south. It is an Olympic sport. I practiced this sport when I come back in Marseille. The aim is to propel a boat with paddles, also called rowings. There are two categories:

  • River rowing

river rowing


  • Sea rowing



The rower sits over the boat on a rolling seat. He turns the back on the direction of progress of the boat. According to the type of boat and competition, crews have or not a coxswain. The rowing is a sport very requiring. The distance of standard race of 2 000 m is long enough to contain an important phase of endurance. Most of the muscles of the body (legs, arms, backs) are requested at the most.

The French Federation recognizes three types of boats for the official competitions of sea rowing:

  • The solo
  • The boat with two rowers
  • The boat with four rowers with coxswain

For the followers of speaking of Marseille:

  • Expression with “Caner”:

“J’ai trop bossé,  je vais caner.. !” means that you are in a big state of fatigue

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