Marseille Provence Airport

Hi Everyone !

Today, I’m going to talk about the only airport of Marseille which is situated next to Marseille: “Marseille Provence Airport”.

Vue aerienne Aeroport de Marseille Provence, Marseille (13) - France


“Marseille Provence Airport” is an airport located 17 miles northwest of Marseille, in the city of Marignane. It is the fifth busiest French airport by passenger traffic. It is the 3rd most important French airport (with over 7.3 million passengers in 2011) and the top low-cost air terminal in Europe Marseille Provence Airport also serves as a focus city for Air France. From here, there are a hundred routes to 26 countries. It is in competition with the TGV on the axis Marseille-Paris (three hours for direct trains).

There is a specific terminal for the low-cost passengers which is the mp² :



For the followers of speaking of Marseille:

  • Expression with “Dégaine”:

“Cette fête était vraiment dégaine!” means that the party was very cool


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