The “Silo”

Hi Everyone !

Today, I’m going to talk about a place: The “Silo”. The Silo is an old industrial building of the city of Marseille:


What is a Silo?

It’s a reservoir where we preserve and store farm produces. The “Silo” of Marseille is an old grain silo builds in 1924. It’s a rectangular building of more than 16 000 square meters.

During 2000s, it was fitted out in two different volumes:

  • A space of offices
  • An auditorium (Theater and concert)

The new “Silo” was inaugurated in September, 2011 by the mayor of the city Jean-Claude Gaudin:


The “Silo” is in the style of the Italian-style Theater. It’s constituted by several balconies around a central orchestra. The room offers a total capacity of 2050 places. His configuration varies according to the type of show.

For the followers of speaking of Marseille:

  •   Expression with “boucan”:

« Ma femme c’est un vrai boucan » means that his wife is “difficult to live”

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