Abbey “Saint Victor”

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Today, I’m going to talk about a place: The abbey “SaintVictor”. Saint Victor of Marseille (+ in 303 or 304) gave him his name. The abbey took a considerable importance for the bend of the first millennium by its brilliance in all Provence. One of his abbots, Guillaume de Grimoard, was elected a pope in 1362 under the name of Urbain V.



For more than 1 500 years, Saint Victor is one of the high places of the Catholicism in the South of France. The church always remains allocated to the cult. In 1968, the mayor of Marseille Gaston Defferre makes replace in the crypts of the abbey the rich collection of sarcophaguses:


These sarcophaguses were previously explained to the museum of the “chateau Borely”. This transfer makes of Saint Victor’s abbey the museum of Christian art of the first millennium the most mattering in Provence after that of Arles. The abbey is the object of a classification in conformance with ancient memorials by the list of 1840.

For the followers of speaking of Marseille:

  •   Expression with “cagagne”:

« tu as la cagagne ou quoi?» means that you have the diarrhoea


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